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Melbourne, Australia

Australia’s hottest pizza makes scorching debut

Australian Franchise News – 26-04-12


AUSTRALIA’S leading gourmet pizza brand Pizza Capers has today launched a new assault on the tastebuds of Australian pizza lovers with the launch of The Inferno – the hottest, tastiest pizza in the country.

Deemed too hot to handle, The Inferno (Twitter: #theinferno) features a mix of fresh ingredients including chicken, mozzarella cheese and gourmet habanero chilli sauce and comes with a survival kit including gloves, a warning brochure and a mango gelato.

Pizza Capers co-founder Scott Geiszler dared pizza lovers to chow down on The Inferno at their own risk.

“Only the bravest – or some would say the most foolish – souls should attempt The Inferno,” he said. “It’s not labelled Australia’s hottest pizza for nothing. I’ve seen grown men cry after consuming just a few bites. It will definitely knock your socks off!”

Those game enough to try The Inferno can capture their experience on video or camera and post it to a specially developed application on the Pizza Capers Facebook page. Anyone who participates will receive a link (via email) that is a generated image of themselves in a certificate congratulating them on surviving The Inferno. Weekly prizes will be awarded for the most liked image/video.

Mr Geiszler said it had taken months of research to find the perfect recipe that combined searing hotness with Pizza Capers’ famous gourmet taste.

While the exact recipe remains a secret The Inferno contains red chillies, chilli flakes, Cajun spices and special Habanero and Coconut Chilli sauces created exclusively for Pizza Capers by The Byron Bay Chilli Company.

“We wanted to create a pizza that is not only mind-numbingly hot, but features fresh, premium ingredients and is really delicious and full of flavour,” he said.

“For those people who prefer to keep their dignity and honour intact, we have also created a less spicy version of the pizza called the Fiery Coconut Chicken. It will still give your tastebuds an explosive kick, but will not have you begging for mercy.”

Byron Bay Chilli Company owner John Boland said it was it was fantastic to see Australian pizza lovers adapting to new and exciting tastes from around the world.

“Life’s too short to be eating boring, bland food,” he said. “The Inferno, featuring our Habenero and Coconut Chilli sauces, is a fantastic introduction to some of the world’s most delicious and fiery peppers. Teaming up with Pizza Capers, which shares our commitment to taste and quality, has definitely been a dream partnership for us.”

Mr Boland said his goal when developing new sauces was to ensure flavour was the highest priority.

“I like to think of them as music for the mouth with a full orchestra worth of flavours that develops on the front of the tongue. Different ingredients all play a part in the song, ending on a high note of chilli that fades slowly into the after burn. For me chilli is a spice, like cumin, garlic or lemongrass… and should not dominate the taste of the sauce or the pizza,” he said.

Pizza Capers offers an extensive menu to tempt the tastebuds of every member of the family. Menu items include gourmet pizzas, pastas, risottos, calzones, fresh salads, breads, dips and premium gelato. It also includes Pizza Capers’ delicious 97 per cent fat free range.

All ingredients on the Pizza Capers menu are individually sourced to ensure they are of the highest quality, regardless of geographical barriers. Pizza Capers’ luscious lamb and beautiful Black Angus beef hails from Tasmania, the mozzarella from New Zealand and the blue vein from Scandinavia. All pizza bases are either 98 per cent fat free or gluten free.

Pizza Capers currently has more than 110 stores in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, the ACT, Tasmania and Singapore.