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Bringing a master franchise to Australia

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I was on holiday recently in London and saw a food franchise that looked to be a different concept fromothers in the market, and not one that I know of as being in Australia. If I wanted to bring a franchise from the UK to Australia, how does this work? 
If the franchise is not as yet in Australia, there is the opportunity for you to become the master franchise owner for that franchise i.e. you have to sub-franchise to others in Australia. Or if they are looking for master for a defined territory e.g. per state, you would sub-franchise to those in your state. You ultimately would be the franchisor for that franchise in Australia/your state. As well as sub-franchising you may be required to run your own outlet.
Before you go down that route, it is worth checking if the company is in Australia, and if not, is Australia a market they are interested in, and if so, how do they plan to develop the network.
It is important to check if they company is established in its own country. How many outlets do they have? What is their success rate? When were they established? Are they a member of their country’s franchise association? What is their plans for expansion? How would they support such an expansion plan etc.
If the company looks reputable and willing to franchise in Australia, you need to do your due diligence to check if it is the right franchise for you and also if it is a franchise that would work in Australia. There may be a reason why there are no franchises like it in Australia!
As the skill set of a master franchisee would be different from a “normal” franchisee. you need to know what you would be required of you as the master franchisee and then identify if you have the necessary skills to do this. More importantly though, is it something you would like to do?