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It is imperative that you undertake as much research as possible when considering buying a franchise. You need to initially be certain that franchising is the right route into business start-up for you and if so, then you need to identify which franchise is right for you. It is vital that you research each opportunity carefully. In this section we will help you to understand in more detail what franchising is, and will give you a step-by-step guide on the process to buying a franchise.

What is a franchise?

A franchise is an agreement between two parties which allows the franchisee to market their product/service using the trademark of the franchisor.  Read more on what is a franchise?

Why franchising?

Franchising is a method of expanding a successful business.  Read more on why franchising?

Guide to buying a franchise

Franchising is a very complex process. This “How to Franchise” step-by-step article will guide you through the process, providing you with additional links to sources of further information.  Read more on the buying a franchise process

Benefits of franchising

There are many benefits to buying a franchise which makes it the safest route into business start-up. Read more on the benefits of franchising in Australia

Disadvantages of franchising 

As well as benefits, franchising can also have some perceived disadvantages. It is vital you know what these are in order to avoid or make the most out of them. Read more on the disadvantages of franchising in Australia

What is the best franchise to buy?

Find out the answer to this popular question. Find out what the best franchise to buy is.

Looking to buy a franchise opportunity?  Visit our franchises for sale directory

We have a directory of franchises for sale in Australia. You can search by industry and investment level. Find franchises for sale

Finding the best franchise for you

In order to find the best franchise for you, you need to ask yourself questions. Read more on the buying a franchise in Australia

The importance of due diligence in franchising

“Due Diligence” is a term often used these days when requesting prospective Franchisees to conduct a thorough research process of the Franchisor’s business operations before making application to become a Franchisee. Read more on the due diligence process

What are the different types of franchises?

What is the right franchise type for you? What type of work do you want to do?. Read more on franchise types

Why become a franchisee?

Seriously thinking of becoming a franchisee? Then read the advantages of being part of a franchise network and copmpare it to setting up on your own. Read more on the why become a franchisee?

Top franchise tips

Want to know how to go about finding the right franchise for you, and how to make sure you buy into an ethcial franchise? Then read our top franchise tips

Applying for a franchise opportunity

Once you have found franchises that you are interested in and have requested information from them, you need to then narrow down your list before applying for the franchise you believe to be the one for you. Read more on applying for a franchise opportunity

Assess the franchise – is it a good franchise?

You now have the franchise you want to invest in, but is it the right one for you? You need to examine the franchise in more detail, including talking to the franchisor and existing franchisees. Read how to assess the franchise business 

Franchisor questions

This article looks in more detail and the questions you should be asking the franchisor. It is their business, so they should know it inside out. Identify the franchise questions you should be asking

Talk to franchisees

Franchisees are the most important source of information for anyone looking to buy a franchise. As they have been there and done it, they will be able to tell you what it is really like being a franchisee, allowing you to identify if it is the right franchise for you. Read more on talking to to franchisees

Evaluate your market

The franchise may be the best franchise for you, but is right for your market? What is successful in one location is not automatically going o be successing in another location if dependent on market demographics. Read more on conducting meaningful market research for franchising

Franchise scams

Unfortunately not all franchises are ethical. There are many businesses who call themselves a franchise in order to make money. By understanding what to look out for, you should be able to comfortably avoid any franchise scams. Read more on identifying a franchise scam

How to avoid a bad franchise

To help make sure you choose an ethical franchise then do as much as research as possible. There is no such thing as too much research. Do your homework and consider the following key points.  Read more on spotting a good franchise from a bad franchise

Why franchises fail

Like any business, franchising has risks. These can however be reduced if you do your homework and understand why franchisees can fail. Read more on why a franchise fails

Leasing arrangements in franchising

Understand about leasing arrangements and how they work. Read more on the Leasing arrangements in franchising

Territory planning

So, you have decided to proceed into a Franchise. You ask your Franchisor how has your area been established, and you get a blank look. The “Beer and Pizza” method has been used again! Not Good … read on Franchise territory planning

Operational due diligence – researching franchising

Find out why it is important that you seek professional advice when buying a franchise. Read more on franchise due diligence

Franchisee support

A good franchisor has a comprehensive franchise support programme in place and a dedicated support team available to the franchisee. Read more on franchisee support

Marketing your franchise opportunity

Finding the right franchisees for your business will be dependent on how you market your franchise opportunity. Read more on franchise marketing.

Do’s and don’ts of advertising and marketing

Any statements you use in your promotional materials relating to your products or services should be true, accurate and able to be validated. Read more on franchise marketing.

Renewing your franchise agreement

Renewing your franchise agreement is not always straight forward. Read more on franchise renewal.

Selling your franchise

All franchisees should have an exit plan in place. Read more on selling a franchise.

Becoming a multi-unit franchisee

Learn the steps you need to take if considering going down the multi-unit franchising route. Read more on multi-unit franchising.

Australian franchise events

There are many franchise events taking place throughout Australia, including franchise expos and franchise seminars. View Australian franchise events

Franchise FAQs

We have experts on hand to answer to answer any questions submitted via our Ask the Expert section. We have compiled a list of the FAQs. Read more on Franchise FAQs

How to franchise your business

Only successful businesses can be franchised. And then not all businesses can be franchised. Is your business franchiseable? Read more on how to franchise a business

Tips for franchising your business

Vicki Prout of Sherpa Group outlines her top 10 tips for anyone looking to franchise their business. Read more on franchise a business tips

Franchise mentoring

Being a mentor is an incredibly important role and can be extremely rewarding. As a franchisor you are also immediately a mentor. Read more on franchise mentoring

International franchising – taking a franchise international

Are you ready to take your business international? Read more on franchising internationally

Franchise glossary – what is franchising

Buying a franchise, as like any business start-up, can be a complex process. To help simplify it for you we have listed below an extensive list of common franchise terms and their definitions. Read more on Franchise glossary