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Buying a master Carbon franchise

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The area of Carbon Credits is one of mystery to most people and businesses across the World. To that end, if this area is to boom as many predict, then the time to “get on Board” is now.
For example, I would have loved to have been the first Macdonalds Franchisee!!

I regret I have no knowledge of how carbon credits fit into the European Union laws.

I cannot comment as to your suitability to becoming a Master Franchisee for this, or indeed any other business, as I do not know you. However, to be a successful Master Franchisee I think you must do some critical self analysis and understand you must have the following qualities.

1. You must be able to sell. And sell at varying levels – selling concepts such as carbon credits and franchising itself requires specialist selling skills.
2. Do not oversell or misrepresent to clients or potential Franchisees.
3. be prepared for the cash flow to be slower in building than anticipated and have sufficient capital behind you to cover an extensive period of no or limited income whilst you build the business.
4. You must have excellent relationship management skills to deal with Franchisees.
5. You just have excellent communication skills.
6. If you are a dictatorial type you will almost certainly fail in the long run. Franchising is about being firm but fair with your Franchisees.
7. Talk with the Greek Franchise Association – I believe they are well developed.
8. Talk with other Master Franchisees of this organisation around the World and ask them are you progressing as you expected? Are you making the money you expected?  What is the take up of the concept? Given your time again would you still have proceeded to acquire this business? Do you get the training and assistance you require from this Company in Australia?

Buy a book called Professional Partnerships” by Greg Nathan. It is brilliant on this topic.

In the words of one of my Franchisor clients who has three rules for potential Franchisees (at any level and for any system) – do your homework, do your homework, do your homework!!

Phil Blain, Franchise Alliance