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Melbourne, Australia

Buying a Nandos franchise in Australia

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It is not as simple as finding a good franchise to buy into then sitting back and letting the money roll in! Only the franchise owner can determine the level of success they achieve. Even the best franchise in the world cannot make a bad franchisee money!
Research, research, research is the key to being successful, as the more research you undertake, the greater chance you have of finding the right franchise for you. 
Nando’s is reputable franchise that originated in South Africa. It came to Australia in 1990, initially opening in Western Australia, with presence now throughout Australia as well as the rest of the world.
If you are interested in Nando’s you need to initially contact them to find out more about their franchising opportunity, then if they think you are right for their business, you will be invited along for an interview where you will get the opportunity to ask the franchisor questions. Speaking to other Nando franchise owners is vital in your research process as they will tend to be your best source of information of what being a Nando’s franchisee is really like. Good luck with your research.
Johnny Sellyn, whichfranchise