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Cost of buying a McDonalds franchise in Australia

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The cost of buying a McDonald’s franchise will vary according to size of premises and location of the business. You will need to contact McDonald’s directly to find out the cost.

Buying a McDonalds franchise is not as simple as handing over the required cash.   Even if you have the money for the franchise, they may not consider you right for their business. And equally McDonald’s franchise may not be the right franchise for you! 

Though McDonalds is one of the biggest names in franchising, it does not mean that it guarantees success. Success is down to the commitment and hard work that each franchise owner puts into the business. This is why McDonalds try to ensure success by putting applicants through a rigorous application process.

Being a McDonald’s franchise owner means you need to work full-time in the business, they are not looking for absent investors so you cannot have other business interests, and you need to commit yourselves to 20 years in the business. Maybe the most daunting aspect for some, though it shows McDonalds you are committed to joining their franchise network, is that you need to work in the business for 9 months unpaid.
Answer by Johnny Sellyn, whichfranchise

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