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Does Starbucks franchise?

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We get asked this question a lot so best to address it with what Starbucks officially say on their website –
Starbucks does not franchise operations and has no plans to franchise in Australia the foreseeable future.  As an exception, Starbucks may enter into licensing arrangements with companies who provide access to real estate which would otherwise be unavailable such as airport locations, major food services corporations and hospitals.
Though Starbucks does not franchise there are a number of other coffee franchises available in Sydney, and Australia that do franchise; many of whom are also members of the Franchise Council of Australia.
If you visit our Australian Franchises for Sale directory, and search for “coffee franchises”, you should be presented with a list of those that are currently franchising in Australia.  You then need to undertake thorough research to narrow the list to those of interest to you. Our Franchise Resources should be able to help you with this.
Johnny Sellyn, whichfranchise