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Melbourne, Australia

DogTech franchise helps to build confidence

An Australian Franchisee Case Study


Name: Les Treuer
Location: Sydney
Franchise: DogTech® International
Why I chose franchising:
I chose franchising because I was looking for business with a proven track record and a company that would provide me support while I learned the business.
What I did before taking up my DogTech franchise:
Before I became a Dogtech® Franchise operator, I worked as an electrician in the construction industry.
How I raised the finance:
I financed my Dogtech® Franchise with part of my savings.
The training and support I receive from Dogtech:
The Dogtech® Initial training was excellent – I had no previous dog training experience, but John Richardson & the Team at Dogtech® International gave me the training I needed to be confident in training dogs, operating the marketing programs, and completing the simple administration procedures.
The On-going training ensured I not only learned how to perform the various dog training parts of the business – puppy schools, group adolescent classes, in-home behaviour training – but also how to present my services effectively to clients and how to value add by offering Whisper Wise doggy products to earn additional profits.
Dogtech® also supports my business by sending me customer inquiries from the Dogtech® website and from the 1-300 Free Call customer hot lines.
The challenges I have faced:
My greatest challenges were learning the people skills necessary to communicate effectively with my prospective clients. Dogtech® provided me excellent training in this area, and also encouraged me to join a local Toastmasters chapter in my area. Toastmasters not only improved my confidence and public speaking skills, but also resulted in me expanding my network of potential clients and supporters. I have wonseveral awards frommy toastmasters group, and I now regularly speak at Dogtech® training days & conferences.
Initially I also found it challenging to set my own schedule as I was used to having my work hours controlled by my boss. Now that I have learned to be my own boss, I find it very liberating.
Has becoming a franchisee changed your life, if so how?
Becoming a Dogtech® franchise owner has changed my life in many ways. My lifestyle is much more relaxed and we have more family time together. I really enjoy being my own boss, and I find it very fulfilling to help my clients solve their doggy problems. I love being able to set my own hours – plus I actually work less and earn more than I did when I was in construction.
The Dogtech training has also given me more confidence in all areas of my life.
My advice to someone thinking of buying their first franchise:
My advice to anyone thinking of buying their first franchise is to first look at the business system and be sure it is something you believe you will enjoy doing – remember, you have to go to work four or five days a week if you are to be successful, so you want to like what you are doing.
Then I think it is important to be comfortable with the management of the franchise company and confident you will receive the support you will need to get your business going.
Of course you should be confident that if you work the business plans effectively that the income/profits will be what you need to achieve your goals in relation to the time & effort you are willing to commit.
My plans for the future:
My plans for the future are to continuing growing my business, to recruit two Area specialists to assist me, and then consider buying another Area.
Would you do it again?
If I had it all to do over again I would definitely do it again. I actually wish I had met John Richardson and learned about Dogtech® sooner.
I really enjoy my life and Dogtech® is a great business.
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