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Melbourne, Australia

Dogtech franchise leads the way

An Australian Franchisee Case Study


Name: John Vella
Location: Sydney (North Shore & Northern Beaches area)
Franchise: Dogtech International®
Why I chose franchising
I chose franchising because it gave me the security of a mentor, someone to help & guide me with my business.
What I did before taking up a franchise
Before I took up my Dogtech® franchise, I ran my own business in the food industry.
How I raised the finance
I raised the money for my Dogtech® franchise from the sale of my previous business
The training and support I receive from my franchisor
Dogtech® provided me 4 weeks Initial training, which covered all areas of the business—the Whisper Wise® dog training methods, the Dogtech® Marketing System, the Whisper Wise® Puppy School program, and the Administration system.
After the Initial training, the On-gong training has helped me continue to improve my business results.
Dogtech® also supports my business by collecting Service inquiries from the Dogtech® website and forwarding them to me. Dogtech® also runs a National free call phone booking service that collects and forwards phone inquiries to me.
The challenges I have faced
I found it challenging, but ultimately very rewarding, to learn to do something completely different to what I had ever done before.
I already loved dogs, but I wasn’t a dog trainer. In fact, I first met Dogtech when I saw Dogtech® Founder John Richardson on television helping a dog owner in distress.
I was really impressed with what I saw John accomplish on TV, so I called him to ask for help training my own dog. I was actually surprised when he came to see me in person and agreed to help me. I was even more impressed seeing John work in person, and after John trained me about the fundamentals of communication with dogs, I found real joy in my canine friend.
John Richardson and I became friends and when I decided I was tired of the long hours required in the food industry, I asked John about a job working with him. He shared with me how his
Dogtech® Franchise business could be the answer I was seeking to provide me a great lifestyle and an exceptional income.
John Richardson gave me the confidence to try something outside my comfort zone, and I have found the Dogtech® System very easy to learn.
Has becoming a franchisee changed your life, if so how
There is no question about the fact that joining Dogtech® has been a life changing experience for me. Dogtech® taught me I could step outside my comfort zone and succeed; I have met and helped thousands of interesting people with their dogs and have remained close friends with many of them.
I work with the Veterinarians, the Pet Shop owners, the Rescue Groups, and other Pet Services professionals in my Area every day – I am known as ‘ the guy to go to’ if you are having any problems with your dog.
My Dogtech® business works by appointment, so I don’t have to keep crazy restaurant hours anymore—plus, I base my business at home, so I don’t have heavy overheads anymore either.
I made an above average income when I was in the food industry, but I earn a lot more now –and I earn more working civilized hours – and fewer of them!
Now my wife, kids, and I have a family life—something that was really difficult to achieve when I was in the food business.
My advice to someone thinking of buying his or her first franchise
My advice to anyone thinking of buying his or her first franchise is to check out the franchisor background, so you are certain that they know their product & can reliably train you. I think it is also important you like the business you are getting into and the people/management behind the business– it helped me immensely.
My plans for the future
My plans for the future are to recruit another Area Specialist, expand my Product sales program and continue to grow my business.
Would you do it again?
I would definitely do it again. My experience with Dogtech® has changed my life for the better – it’s a great business.
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