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Melbourne, Australia

Eagle Boys franchise launches new glutten-sensitive pizza

Australian Franchise News – 15-04-10


Eagle Boys Pizza has crafted a new “gluten-friendly” pizza base, giving gluten-sensitive pizza lovers the biggest pizza selection of any major Australian pizza maker.
The launch of the new base combined with Eagle Boys’ use of fresh, gluten-friendly ingredients means that gluten-sensitive customers can now enjoy 22 or 90% of Eagle Boys’ Classic and Premium pizzas.
While Domino’s Pizza offers a gluten-free base, only 13 of its regular menu pizza toppings contain gluten-free ingredients.   Pizza Hut does not provide any dedicated gluten-free options
Eagle Boys CEO Todd Clayton said the new base would ensure Eagle Boys catered to a broader range of customers.
“Importantly, we’ve invested the time and resources to craft a base which is not only gluten-friendly, but also tastes great and complements the fresh pizza toppings,” he said.
“Apart from offering the greatest pizza selection to gluten-sensitive customers, we’ve also been the most transparent.   Many pizza operators claim they have ‘gluten-free’ products but then in the very fine print say that their products may contain gluten.
“In reality, only food prepared in a completely gluten-free kitchen can properly claim that title.   While we take great care to keep these pizza bases separate, there are some products with gluten in an Eagle Boys kitchen – that is why we use the more transparent term ‘gluten-friendly’.”
The “gluten-friendly” pizza base is part of Eagle Boys’ new menu which features 31 new items – the company’s biggest menu launch in its 23 year history.
Eagle Boys Pizza is Australia’s second largest pizza maker and is 100% Australian-owned. It operates 300 franchised stores throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, the ACT, and the Northern Territory, employing more than 4,000 staff and making more than 17 million pizzas a year.

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