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Melbourne, Australia

Escaping Ground Hog Day with Xpresso Delight franchise!

An Australian Franchisee Case Study


Karin Thompson
Xpresso Delight
Spring Hill
Working in the Medical Profession for over twenty years, I was well over doing shift work, on call and someone else dictating when & where I should work. ‘Ground Hog’ days had set in!! It was time for a career change!
I started researching small business opportunities that would give me flexibility in working hours, give me more time to spend with my family and allow me train for my beloved sport of Triathlon. I could not find anything that fitted this criteria. I searched for well over two years and hey presto…came across Xpresso Delight!
What a great business model. It had everything that I was looking for in a Franchise. It was semi-passive, my kind of working hours, strong customer service ethics and an unreal product and brand! Most importantly, the quality of the coffee and machines were outstanding. The 100% backup provided from Queensland Master Agents – Vivienne & Stephen Beech leaves me speechless! From day one of starting my business they have both been there for me, assisting with all facets of running my Xpresso Delight Franchise. Extensive training and manuals are provided which includes marketing, customer service, machine servicing and trouble shooting, all have been invaluable in making my Franchise a success. The ease of using the Xpresso Delight Online ordering system is great. Just log in, order what you need, whether it be Coffee Beans/PODS, Cups or Coffee System parts, confirm and you’re done! Everything is shipped to your door. How easy! Our uniforms are very smart, professional looking and most of all comfortable. The ‘Xpresso Delight’ logo is very eye- catching to passers-by which is great advertising!
I have now been operating my Xpresso Delight Franchise for nearly 18 months and have enjoyed every aspect of it and look forward to building it even further. If you are looking for a Career change or Work/Family Balanced Lifestyle, I encourage you to check out ‘Xpresso Delight’. I’m sure you are going to like what you see.