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It is not simply enough to sell franchises and then sit back and watch the money come in. You need to make sure that you are fully supporting your franchisees and managing them accordingly. Being there for them 247 will help you to build a fruitful relationship with them.

You need to provide them with the support outlined in your franchise agreement, this franchisee support should include:

• Assisting with the initial set up of their franchise business
• Provide them and their staff, if relevant, the necessary training
• Help them to build and execute a marketing campaign
• Give them a details operations manual that covers the day-to –day running of their business and make yourself or your support team available to help with any issues they may have
• Keep developing your product or service to keep ahead of your competition
• Monitor their performance to see if they are meeting their targets

You should not see all of this as just being about meeting the obligations you set out in your agreement, but should identify that the more support and management you give your franchisees, the more successful they will be and ultimately the more successful you will be.

You need to keep your franchisees motivated, especially at the beginning when business may be slow for the franchisee and they are not making money and so are feeling disheartened and questioning why they bought the franchise. The same goes for franchisees that have been in the network for a long time and after reaching their comfort level and not trying as hard as they were before.

There are many ways of motivating dispirited franchisees. Firstly, a good old financial incentive may do the trick! If a franchisee is unhappy because they are no making any money, look at the franchise system and if it is the way the system is structured that it preventing them doing well, then seek to change. Obviously look at your franchise system in its entirety and if everyone else is making money, they it is more likely to do with the individual and not the franchise.

Another way to motive franchisees is to old regular group meetings where successful franchisees can tell their stories. Hearing how well someone else is doing should motivate them to do more and achieve their own success.

You as the franchisor need to always come across positive and excited about the franchise. Share any positive news you have with the network, as well as exciting developments you are making, this will show them that you are always looking for success and striving to achieve the best for the franchise. If you are excited about the franchise, then your franchisees should be also.

Be positive about plans franchisees have and encourage them to implement them. Also encourage franchisees to share ideas with you and if any are implemented, give credit to that franchisee. Other franchisees will be happy that it is a franchise that listens to their franchisees and will be motivated to create and share their own ideas.

Remember if you are happy then your franchisees are happy, and vice versa if your franchisees are happy then you are happy.