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Melbourne, Australia

Gelatissimo wins International Franchise Award In the NAB FCA Excellence Awards 2012

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  • Gelatissimo wins International Franchise Award In the NAB FCA Excellence Awards 2012

Australian Franchise News – 11-10-12


Gelatissimo’s position as Australia’s hottest franchise export has been confirmed, with the company winning the International Franchise Award in the NAB Franchise Council of Australia Excellence Awards 2012.

This prestigious industry award recognises excellence in the implementation of an international expansion strategy.

Already well established in South East Asia, Gelatissimo’s international expansion has recently accelerated, with three gelaterias opening in rapid succession in Kuwait and two new outlets planned before Christmas in the Philippines. The franchise is also located in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Italy.

Joint CEO, Marco Lopresti says, “Underpinning Gelatissimo’s international strategy is the quality control we have been able to achieve, through an innovative gelato production kit system that allows franchisees to create Gelatissimo’s luscious artisan gelato in store daily, anywhere in the world.

“Because we use traditional family recipes that rely on fresh ingredients, ensuring our gelato was unaffected by climatic conditions or transport issues was a huge challenge when we first considered exporting. “But our kit system allows us to send product overseas and be confident that the gelato served to customers in other countries will be of the same standard enjoyed by our Australian customers and in accordance with our original family recipes.

“We have always seen Gelatissimo as a global brand and are so honoured to win this award, because it recognises the hard work of our talented team and wonderful international master franchise network,” adds Marco.

“The combination of their local knowledge and Gelatissimo’s years of experience in Australia is proving that gelato is a universal language, that can be enjoyed anywhere in the world.”

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