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Melbourne, Australia

Hungry Jacks franchise – why not Burger King franchise?

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Why is Hungry Jack’s franchise in Australia not called Burger King if part of the Burger King franchise? 
 Hungry Jacks was not called Burger King in Australia because the name Burger King was already taken by a takeaway shop in Adelaide.  Jack Cowin, the Australian master for Burger King in Australia, was given a list of possible names to choose from. He chose Hungry Jack from the list, and slightly changed the name to a possessive form by adding an apostrophe ‘s’ forming the new name Hungry Jack’s.
The first franchise of Hungry Jack’s in Australia was established in Innaloo, Perth on 18 April 1971.
The name “Jack” has since been adopted as the name for the Burger King himself in the company’s main franchise.
The Australian master franchisee is responsible for licensing new operators, opening its own stores and performing standards oversight of franchised locations in Australia. There are over 300 Hungry Jack’s in Australia, making it the second largest franchise of Burger King in the world.
The only Burger King trademarks that are sold at Hungry Jack’s are the Whopper and the TenderCrisp sandwiches. All other Burger King products go by more generic naming schemes, such as “Hamburger”, “Veggie Burger”, or “Grilled Chicken Burger”.