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Women in franchising Australia

Women are at last making their presence in franchising known! In the past 10 years the number of franchisors looking to specifically recruit women has tripled. This has been reflected in the increasing numbers of successful women who are now running their own franchise business across a wide variety of industries in Australia – health and fitness, food and coffee, recruitment, cleaning, music and drama, estate agencies, pet services, gardening, children services, beauty, printing, care services – to name just a few.
So what is it that makes women suitable to franchising…and franchising suitable to women?
If the men can do it, why can’t we! More and more women are realising that starting their own business is not as daunting as it sounds, and in fact they have the ideal skill set for running a successful business. This includes:
  • Being good listeners and building lasting relationships more easily
  • Many women prefer fulfilling work in a pleasant culture to building empires
  • Ability to prioritise and being detail-oriented
  • Being organised and having the ability to handle numerous tasks
As with any small business, franchising can require the franchisee to be director, sales person, IT guru and admin person in the same day…women are born to multi-task! 

Supporting you all of the way…
As the cliché goes…“get into franchising for yourself, not by yourself”. One of the major benefits of franchising is the ongoing support you will receive. A franchise network is only as successful as the individual franchisees; franchisors know this and so invest heavily into their support and training programmes. So though you would be your own boss, you would also benefit from a network of people at your disposal to provide help and support when needed.
This support is particularly sought after from women as it not only gives reassurance and peace of mind, but more importantly the drive and motivation to achieve your goals in a business of your own. The “glass ceiling” doesn’t exist in franchising; women in franchising can be as successful as they want. The harder you work, the greater the rewards.
The support and experience of the franchisor is particularly important for those women re-entering the workforce after a length of absence, such as raising children. Many feel “out of touch” with today’s working environment, in particular with advancements in technology, and so feel they no longer possess the necessary experience, skills and knowledge to successfully start-up and manage their own business.
By buying a franchise in Australia, you are buying into the training, support and experience of the franchisor, allowing you to choose to get into a business that is different from what you did previously. You would receive comprehensive introductory training, including general skills as well any specific training required for the type of business you are buying into. Your franchisor would also assist you in setting up the business, provide you with an operation manual on how to manage the business, assist with undertaking marketing activities and provide ongoing support and advice. All you need to run a successful business!

Flexible working arrangements
The lack of flexible working arrangements is a major issue for those women with, or planning to have, children. It upsets the requirement for balancing work and family life.
Women who want to temporary leave employment to have children are usually unable to re-enter business at the same position in which they left. Instead they can be forced into unwanted part-time and temporary positions, usually involving low skilled work.
With franchising, an opportunity is created for experienced and ambitious women, seeking greater job enrichment to continue operating at a high level, whilst also providing the flexibility you require to juggle your home life with work.
Franchising therefore offers you the flexibility and creativity of a smaller business with the assurance and efficiency of a larger organisation.
This all adds up to one conclusion…women and franchising are a successful combination.
Women in Franchising Forum
The Women in Franchising Forum is a special interest group formed by the Franchise Council of Australia in 2007 to assist in acknowledging and progressing the vital role women play in the Australian Franchise sector.
Our goals are to:
  • Create initiatives for the FCA and franchising community;
  • Focus on and influence FCA policy on key issues relating to women in franchising;
  • Provide genuine opportunities for contribution, networking and professional development; and
  • Promote the success of women in franchising within the franchise sector and to the broader Australian business community.
For further information on the forum, including becoming a member, please visit women in franchising forum
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