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Franchise Council of Australia – why buy a FCA franchise

When buying a franchise, should I be looking for a franchise that is a member of the Franchise Council of Australia? I’m not quite sure of the benefit of doing so.
The Franchise Council of Australia is the body for the franchising sector in Australia.
Membership of the Franchise Council of Australia is voluntary, and is open to any organisation or individual involved in the franchise sector, including franchisees, franchisors and suppliers of services to the franchise industry.
All Franchise Council of Australia members are expected to conduct their franchising activities professionally and in accordance with Australian law.   Member Standards are designed to provide members of the FCA with an authoritative guide on acceptable standards of conduct. They are expected to comply with agreed minimum standards of conduct.
If a member does not comply with the requirements of the Member Standards then investigation and disciplinary procedures are in place to handle the matter.
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