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Jim’s Fencing donates to Vasili’s Garden to Kitchen project

Australian Franchise News - 07-02-14



Vasili from Channel 31’s Vasili’s Garden to Kitchen show was asked by Glenroy West Primary School to build a new playground for the students on an old tennis court. Vasili set out to find businesses in the local community who were willing and able to donate their materials, services and time to build an adventure playground with a boat, a tunnel and a maze.


The posts and rails for the maze were in and all that was left to do was put the walls up to finish the maze. Vasili was trying to get some old fence palings from fences that had recently replaced. Jim’s Fencing came to the rescue but they did one better than old palings that would’ve needed replacing in the next few years or maybe even months. They offered to donate brand new palings to finish off the maze for the kids at Glenroy West Primary School. Rather than just deliver the palings, they brought a team to put them up, too.

Jim’s Fencing had been scheduled to start on a day in January which ended up being in the middle of a heatwave. They were asked to come back another day and ended up working in the rain instead. Rain, hail or shine, Jim’s Fencing would have been out there putting up those palings so that the students had a fantastic new playground to come back to in the new school year. Without the generosity and hard work of Jim’s Fencing there would be nothing a-maze-ing about the maze at all.

“Jim’s Fencing had already finished what they’d been asked to help with but when they found out the school’s budget was down to nothing they offered even more help. Jim’s Fencing asked how much was needed to finish pouring the concrete for the entrance to the playground and offered to pay for that, too. Jim’s Fencing couldn’t just couldn’t bear to see a job left unfinished.”

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