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Australian Franchise Opinions

What happens if my Franchisor goes bust or sells their rights?

In this exclusive article for whichfranchise, franchise legal expert, Robert Toth shares why it isn't the end of the world should your franchisor goes bust or sells their rights. To discover the reasons why...

5 ways for franchisees to reduce risks

Many people consider franchising to be a great alternative to starting up an independent business as there can be less risk involved in entering into an established franchise system than starting a business from scratch; however, franchising comes with its own set of risks. In this exclusive article for whichfranchise, franchise lawyer, Melissa Strain shares a few simple steps you should consider in order to considerably reduce those risks.

Branchising Australia - Changing the way we do things

Franchising has been operating in one form or another for the past 40 years in Australia. It became a regulated industry under the Franchise Code of Conduct in 1998. In this exclusive article for whichfranchise, franchise legal expert Robert Toth shares his inside knowledge so that you are in the know.


What is the ‘F’ word...

We are often asked “What is the difference between licensing and franchising and what is an appropriate solution?” One of our franchise experts, Vicki Prout franchisor and consultant within the industry, shares her expertise in this area. To be 'in-the-know'...


Franchisee responsibility as an employer

Unless you are buying a single person operated business, when you buy a franchised business, like any business you are going to need to employ staff. Franchisees are subject to the same employment laws and have the same rights and responsibilities as any Australian employer.


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Franchise Opinion Authors

Nigel Williams of Century 21

Nigel Williams

Nigel Williams is the State Franchise Development Manager (Vic) for the global franchise group Century 21. Supported by his considerable expertise in business development, training, leadership & management coaching, Nigel spearheads C21’s strategic growth strategy throughout Victoria and Tasmania to locate and develop high profile, profitable "attraction" businesses.

Alan Branch of Optivance 360

Alan Branch

Alan is an experienced consultant, commercial lawyer and franchise expert recognised for his skill in negotiating and completing business set up and expansion projects.  Alan is a recognised International speaker and publisher on franchising.

Corinne Attard of Holman Webb Lawyers

Corinne Attard

Corinne is a franchising and retail specialist with more than 25 years franchising and retail industry experience including extensive in-house experience as general counsel with responsibility for over 350 franchised stores. Corinne’s approach is outcome oriented and risk management based and combines practical business advice with legal solutions. She acts for primarily retailers, franchisors, master franchisees and multi-unit franchisees.

Mark Fernandez of Business Development Alliance

Mark Fernandez

Director Mark Fernandez has had over 20 of senior management experience in franchising and business development. His breadth of knowledge and expertise spans across both local and multi international business models and his influence has seen him serve on the committee of the West Australian chapter of the Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) for a number of years.

George Yammouni CEO of Bathroom Werx Group

George Yammouni CEO

George is CEO of the Bathroom Werx Group - a national Franchise System specialising in quick and affordable bathroom makeovers and renovations.

He is a 30year CPA veteran by profession and started his business as a Franchisee in 1986 after a career in merchant banking. He acquired the Franchisor in 1988 and began franchising in 1990.

Bathroom Werx renovates over 200 bathrooms every month around Australia for Customers, including the world’s leading Hotel groups and Government Housing Departments..

George is one of Australia's leading exponents of service franchising and is a Past Chairman of the Franchise Council of Australia

Robert Toth of Marsh & Maher

Robert Toth

 Robert Toth a Partner of Marsh & Maher Lawyers is a recognised leader in Franchise law in Australia and a Member of the Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) & the International Franchise Lawyers Association (IFLA).

Melissa Strain of Wisewould Mahony

Melissa Strain

Melissa Strain, a Senior Associate at Wisewould Mahony Lawyers, is an Accredited Business Law Specialist with extensive experience in franchising.

Melissa works with both franchisees and franchisors to resolve franchise related disputes and assists franchisees with negotiated exits from franchise systems. Melissa is a member of the Franchise Council of Australia.


Vicki Prout of Sherpa Group

Vicki Prout

Vicki Prout has had varied experience having been involved in the franchising sector as a Franchisor, Franchisee, and Consultant. Her franchising journey seriously took off when she became the International Development and Marketing Manager for Cartridge World. Vicki established Sherpa Group in 2009.