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Melbourne, Australia

Jim’s Fencing franchise provides big opportunities

Australian Franchise News – 26-03-12


While the mining industry lures a big slice of Australia’s young men, there are great opportunities in Perth to earn a six figure income by investing in a Jim’s Fencing franchise.

Regional Franchisor Meesha Watson said customer demand was outstripping supply and franchisees could make great money without having the complications of a fly-in-fly-out lifestyle.

“A National survey of Jim’s Fencing franchise owners in 2011 reported an average net income of over $112,000 per year,” said Ms Watson.

“This figure has not been verified and is based on the incomes provided from participating franchise owners in various states and were obtained during 2010 – 2011” she said.

“That’s great money in anyone’s book, and it comes without the lifestyle issues of having to work away from home.”

“Successful operators who have teams of contractors working for them can possibly and do earn in excess of the above stated figure, and as with all figures stated a lot depends on how well you run your business or how many contractors you have working for you.”

“There has been huge growth in Jim’s Fencing over the last ten years which means franchisees now have more opportunities than ever to make great money for themselves.”

“With all the training, ongoing support and brand recognition franchisees are doing better than ever.”

“The fantastic thing about getting into a Jim’s fencing franchise is that you don’t need to know a thing about fencing – it will all be taught to you.”

Ms Watson said they were currently recruiting franchisees and provided the following benefits:

  • A Work Availability Guarantee of $1800 per week
  • New franchise owners have eight weeks of paid training ($1000.00 per week)
  • All tools, trailer, uniforms, stationery are provided
  • Bookkeeping training is provided
  • 94 per cent of the Australian population recognise the Jim’s brand and understand what it stands for.

“Working outdoors can be rewarding to more than just your lifestyle with Jim’s Fencing.”

“You control your own business, choose when you work, where you work, and what hours.”

“You can also take holidays when you want.”

“Jim’s Fencing specialise in construction and repair of all types of fencing and gates and every year we have hundreds of jobs a year that Jim’s Fencing cannot service across Western Australia.”

“It is disappointing that we are unable to help all of our customers.”

“Those jobs we were unable to help with could equate to hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of fencing.”
“As with any business, you should do your research.”

“Prospective Jim’s Fencing franchise owners go through a rigorous selection process to ensure that we find the best franchisees.”

“Prospects are provided with other franchisees contact details and encouraged to call them and ask questions.”

“Prospective franchise owners also go out on a day on the tools with one of our highly experienced franchise owners, to give them and idea of the work they would be doing.”

Jim’s Fencing has been operating for over 10 years. Jim’s Group for over 25, has over 3,200 Franchisees across Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Canada and is recognised as Australia’s leading home service provider.