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McDonald’s franchise – is joining just a dream?

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I would love to become a McDonald’s franchisee but I’m not sure If i’m setting my sights to high as know how powerful a brand McDonald’s is. What is involved in becoming a McDonalds franchise owner?  
If you speak to any McDonalds franchisees you will learn that there is a lot to be gained from joining their network. However like any franchise business you must be right for McDonald’s, and McDonald’s right for you.    As McDonald’s has a worldwide reputation to maintain, it relies on its franchisees to play a major role in the success of the company. McDonalds will therefore put all franchisees through a rigorous selection, recruitment and training process before finally accepting them.
We’ve outlined below a few requirements that McDonald’s outlines on their own website.
  • You need to be willing to make a 20 year commitment
  • You are open to relocating anywhere in Australia
  • You inspire to be an integral part of your community
  • You need to be energetic and willing to take a hands-on approach
  • You have to have had a successful career or business, and have demonstrated team leadership and how to motivate people to get the best out of them.
  • McDonalds will be your only business
  • You need to be willing to out in long hours and work hard
  • You will not be an absentee investor but instead commit yourself full-time to the running of the business
  • You will need to be in a position to make a significant investment  
  • You need to be able to commit to our Registered Applicant Training Program for a minimum of 9 months full-time unpaid
For more information on buying a McDonalds franchise, visit their website.