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Melbourne, Australia

Mr Rental franchise to expand into South Australia

Australian Franchise News – 03-06-10


AUSTRALIAN and New Zealand home appliance rental franchise Mr Rental is set to invest heavily into the South Australian (SA) market opening five stores across the state over the next two years.
Edwardstown opened recently and is the 70th Mr Rental store in the franchise with Arndale set to open by the end of June.
A further three Mr Rental stores are planned to open in South Australia by 2012 creating long term employment opportunities for locals.
Mr Rental State Manager George Harris said a team of partners had secured the rights to open the franchise in the region and would expand fast; offering better competition in the marketplace for this style of product.
“We realised the market was ripe for increased competition and better deals for customers,” he said. “We are anticipating the stores will be highly successful and experience rapid growth in the first six months,” he said.
The aggressive rollout strategy will also see the Mr Rental model entering into suburban shopping centre’s for the first time.
“This is a bold new move for the company but one which will propel its growth by increasing the exposure of the business considerably. If it is successful here it is a strategy which may be adopted nationally.”
Mr Harris will be primarily responsible for overseeing the operation, expansion, brand awareness and development of the South Australian stores. He will be assisted by General Manager of Mr Rental Alan Payne and by business partners Jason Love and Mark Maumill.  
Mr Harris said the combination of skills in the group would ensure the long-term success of the venture.
“The rental concept and marketplace competition in South Australia is strong but our collective experience ensures we know what will work. This is why we secured the rights to the whole state rather than just one store. 
“Jason and Mark used to operate highly successful franchises for ten years before coming on board with Mr Rental. They are both excellent business development managers who understand how to build and develop franchises,” he said.
“Alan is the General Manager of the Franchise which operates across Australia and New Zealand so his knowledge and insight of the business and products are vital.”
Mr Harris said the Mr Rental model of providing low-cost lifestyle solutions and rentals for furniture, white goods, TV’s/DVD’s, gaming, fitness and office equipment enabled families to enjoy better quality furnishings without the pressure of a large outlay.
“Mr Rental have a very well thought out business model, conduct extensive market research and show continued commitment to improvement to ensure we are providing the very best products and prices to customers,” he said.
“Renting is an attractive option for families looking to maximise cash flow as you don’t have to purchase big ticket items outright. It’s a sensible option for families who want the luxury of the latest products without the expense and our arrival in the market will ensure customers get the very best deals and service,” he said.
Mr Rental currently has 70 stores across Australia and New Zealand and is planning to boost store numbers to at least 100 by the beginning of 2012.

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