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Melbourne, Australia

New challenges with a DogTech franchise

An Australian Franchisee Case Study


Name: Olga Hromow
Location: Sydney Eastern Suburbs
Franchise: Dogtech®
Why I chose franchising
Whilst pursing a new career path in 1998 a friend recommended the services of John Richardson aka The Dog Whisperer®, principal of DogTech® International. John’s services were called upon to sort out our naughty pug Babs. I made some enquiries within the industry regarding Dogtech’s credibility and John’s services came highly regarded. He was highly recommended as a canine behaviouralist by his peers. After some additional research, a new challenge and exciting commitment was made to join Dogtech® International— a vibrant market leader. This rest is history.
What I did before taking up a franchise
Prior to joining Dogtech® my background was in Multi-Media where I spent 30 odd years as Sales/Marketing director for major corporations.
How I raised the finance
Due to a severance payout, funds became available to purchase the Dogtech® franchise in the Southern suburbs of Sydney.
The training and support I receive from my franchisor
John’s commitment was evident from day one. Due to his ongoing support I have built a successful and lucrative business. John’s credibility with publishing The Dog Whisperer® – a best seller– has been an excellent marketing tool for all our franchisees. Dogtech® organises yearly National Conferences to benefit and update franchisees on new training techniques, to share experiences, and discuss group marketing & product incentives. John has always been only a phone call away.
Dogtech® also supports me through the Dogtech® website inquiries and the Dogtech® National free call Customer hot line.
The challenges I have faced
a) Having had previous marketing experience and Dogtech’s high regard in the industry it wasn’t difficult to build solid relationships and offer Dogtech’s services to the industry and community.
b) Time management – It’s important to plan ahead and allow ample time for paperwork, promoting and growing the business, not just working in it.
c) Franchising is about supporting each other with a tried and proven system in place. However, it is important to have good communication skills.
d) Finding balance between family, work and recreation is the hardest challenge of all.
e) The rest can be taught.
Has becoming a franchisee changed your life, if so how
I am currently doing what I love — I am helping educate families on how to resolve behavioural problems for their puppies and dogs. Dogtech® runs puppy Pre School and Adolescent group classes, In-home behaviour therapy, and assists local dog Rescue services & Councils on behavioural education. At the end of the day we help make a difference. How satisfying is that?
My advice to someone thinking of buying their first franchise
a) Research the industry – once a decision has been made
b) Be open to new challenges and be willing to learn new skills
c) Work hard, set goals to achieve personal and financial reward
d) Be passionate, have a love for people and your product & services
e) Financially do not over extend
f) Be prepared to make a difference
My plans for the future
Continue assisting DogTech® in developing ways to educate the community and spread awareness that help is available to all families experiencing doggy behavioural problems. By strong leadership and socialising our pets from an early age we can prevent so many dogs being destroyed each year.
I also plan to grow my business in Sydney by adding an Area Specialist and I want to assist Dogtech® by helping new franchise operators learn the Dogtech® business System.
Would you do it again?
In a heart-beat! We are very fortunate at Dogtech® to have John and Hazel Richardson’s ongoing support — they have been invaluable directors over the past 12 years. Their attributes are best described as integrity, honesty, and ongoing friendship — without John’s commitment and positive attitude towards the business, success would only be a dream for all concerned.
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