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Melbourne, Australia

SIGNARAMA Joondalup Becomes Australia’s First Green Stamp Accredited Sign Company

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Australian Franchise News – 15-07-10


SIGNARAMA Joondalup is the first sign writing business in Australia to gain Green Stamp accreditation.
The Green Stamp program is an environmental initiative of the Western Australian Department of Environment and the Printing Industries Association of Australia. It assists small and medium size businesses to go above and beyond environmental regulations to achieve better practices in their operations. Businesses are audited, assessed and supported with industry specific guidelines and management plans.
Green Stamp accreditation was awarded to SIGNARAMA Joondalup in June, following a three-month audit process during which best practice ideas were recommended and improvements were carried out.
To attain the certification, SIGNARAMA Joondalup needed to demonstrate they understood the environmental risks associated with their business, including measuring their waste and that an appropriate environmental plan was in place and the business has genuine commitment to continuous improvement.
The most significant of the store’s initiatives was the elimination of solvents releasing Volatile Organic Compounds.
“This recognition is a big step for us and for our customers. We are very committed to sustainable practices and take great pride in looking after the environment,” said Craig Mason, one of the owners of the SIGNARAMA Joondalup franchise. “We do a lot of signs and banners for companies that have environmental plans and this initiative is a great step in the right direction.”
Green Stamp Coordinator, Eunice Zisani said, “Green Stamp certification has a lot to offer the sign industry and its customers. Properly promoted, it will give sign manufacturing businesses a market advantage in today’s environmentally conscious world, where customers are increasingly looking at the environmental credentials of products and services.”
Printing Industries Western Australia General Manager, Paul Nieuwhof said, “We are delighted with SIGNARAMA Joondalup’s success in WA and hope that many others will follow their lead.”
Several other SIGNARAMA sign franchises across Australia are now introducing green initiatives with a view to gaining accreditation.
“We’re very pleased to see that the Green Stamp Coordinator is working with other SIGNARAMA stores to gain the same certification,” said Mason. “Green Stamp recognizes businesses that are doing their bit for the environment and supports them to further develop their environmental initiatives in a structured way.’
SIGNARAMA is the world’s largest sign franchise with over 850 stores world-wide of which almost 90 are in Australia.

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