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Melbourne, Australia

Trios Wraps franchise to be rebranded

Australian Franchise News – 19-08-10


Trios is currently in the process of completing a 360 degree rebranding project – where all consumer touch points (including store interiors and all marketing paraphernalia) have been redesigned to reflect the edgy, grunge chic and earthy realism that is associated with the Trios brand and our archetype.
Australia’s largest national wraps franchise, Trios prides itself on our ability to understand that food is a Tactile Sensory and an Amalgamation of Flavors, and we strive to offer this experience in a very spirited yet responsible environment. At Trios the only thing we take seriously is our promise to our consumers that we will serve them exceptionally tasty and flavorful wraps, spuds and salads. Our creativity, expertise, proprietary taste profiles and lively/playful nature aptly describe the personality of the brand.
Fueled by discerning and changing demographics and experiential dining, Trios was established in 2002 in Melbourne, Australia and has since been regarded as an innovator in delivering exceptional flavor profiles through our proprietary flat bread – ‘laffe’. Being a pioneer in the flat bread QSR industry, Trios realizes that our ability to successfully cater to a genre of clientele that have been exposed to cutting edge trends and seek a memorable dining experience is what has contributed to our passion and success in creating taste contours that are international yet proprietary and extremely versatile in application.
Australian in spirit yet multi cultural in sensibility, Trios has successfully transcended international borders by embarking on international expansion in 2006 and has since launched stores in the Middle East and USA.
We at Trios instill consumer CONFIDENCE by ensuring that they can TRUST our EXPERTISE in creating AWESOME TASTING WRAPS that can be enjoyed in a SPIRITED ambience encouraging INDIVIDUALITY and a sense of EXPLORATION while maintaining a sense of RESPONSIBILITY to both our consumers and the environment…
Trios – the new ‘fast casual’ model delivers a distinct style of a premier flat bread wrap concept and is ‘grilling’ its way in taking fast food to the next level for those customers who love great tasting wraps yet prefer the theatrics of food prepared ‘fresh in front of them’.
With a new revitalized design style, TRIOS has built a strong, trusted and recognized brand in the food retail industry and has strong loyal customers following the brands progression as we aggressively expand through our franchise partners.
  • Incorporates the hottest trends in the fast casual markets segment, offering consumers fresh, hot and healthier menu choices when eating out of home!
  • Master/Single franchise opportunities available in prime markets across Australia + Internationally
  • Low cost of entry (all inclusive) relative to other food franchise concepts
  • Proven concept with strong brand appeal
  • Strong niche positioning with a ‘feel good’ customer attitude
  • Fast casual quick service is fastest growing segment

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