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Melbourne, Australia

Women on Top at Price Attack

Australian Franchise News – 27-02-09


Whilst Australia is often said to be the ‘franchise capital of the world’, women have, to date, been seriously under-represented in Australian franchises. Price Attack is proudly bucking this trend, with women involved in more than 90% of its 129 franchise outlets.
With over three times the number of franchise systems per capita than the United States, Australians have clearly embraced Franchising as a means of ‘going into business for themselves, but not by themselves’. However, recent survey results show that franchised businesses in Australia are dominated by men, with female involvement in less than 20 % of franchises (significantly less than the proportion of women involved in small business generally).
In contrast, women in Price Attack franchises reverse these figures, with 93% of businesses operated solely by or jointly with women.
So why does owning a Price Attack franchise appeal to women?
Price Attack has long recognized that women make fantastic business-owners. Female-operated small and medium sized businesses are more likely to record higher profitability results and are consistently more risk-averse than those owned by their male counterparts. Although risk savvy women are no doubt attracted to Price Attack’s proven record of success and growth for its franchisees, there are some other key factors that Price Attack provides that often appeal to women.
One of the main reasons owning a Price Attack franchise appeals to women is that it provides work autonomy and flexibility. A Price Attack franchise’s ability to provide women with a positive financial future resonates with a demographic that is, and aspires to be more independent and financially secure. Price Attack franchisee, Marita Baxter explains; “As a mother, a Price Attack franchise was a way to achieve a financially secure future for my family, while the flexibility of being my own boss, means I can always be there for my children when they need me.”
Other women are attracted by the opportunity to be part of the Price Attack franchise community. Price Attack has made an effort to foster an environment where all franchisees are open to assisting and learning from each other. New franchisee Pauline Cope, talks about the benefits of joining the Price Attack community. “As a new franchisee and new business owner, I had so many questions when I first started out. The support and advice I have received from other Price Attack franchisees has been fantastic. We share information in terms of what works in our stores and successes we have had with local advertising. The networking opportunities are invaluable.”
Women franchisees also appreciate the chance to interact with and support their local community. Price Attack franchisee Marita speaks of the amazing Cockburn Community and their loyal support of her Price Attack salon. “I love feeling like I am a part of this mini-economy in Cockburn. Our customers know all our staff, many of whom have been with us since opening, by name. I love interacting with our clients and getting to know the families and individuals that make up my neighbourhood.”
But the most important reason women are choosing Price Attack Franchises? Because they are fun! Thousands of gorgeous professional products, new and exciting developments in hair and beauty, and salon clients leaving happy and more beautiful then when they arrived – it makes for a very satisfying work environment. “The hair and beauty industry is so dynamic! New products are released every month so there is plenty to keep us interested and on our toes. I also think it is a very good thing to be involved in an industry that helps people to feel better about themselves” says franchisee Pauline.
With so many passionate, skilled and successful women enriching its franchise system, it is no wonder Price Attack is on top.


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