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Melbourne, Australia
Leading UK language franchise sets it sights on Australia market

Franchisee Success Stories

Lingotot, UK’s leading language franchise, signed their first master franchisee in Ireland in 2019.  They are now looking to replicate this success and are looking for a master franchisee to run their operation in Australia. For insight into the role of a master franchisee and who makes an ideal master franchisee, Irish master franchisee Sofia Cola´s talks to whichfranchise. Read more

Interview with Mike Stringer, Housework Heroes

Franchisor Interviews

Housework Heroes started in 2001 and has grown to around 70 franchisees operating out of three states. It operates through a Master Franchise system that provides local support for franchisees and customers alike. It has featured in BRW’s Fastest Growing Franchises. Mike Stringer spent 12 years in Marketing with Canon UK and then went on to run an Internet based business before purchasing Housework Heroes in 2004. He is also the Franchisor for Car Care and United Home Services in addition to being the WA State President for the Franchise Council of Australia (FCA). Read more
What happens if my Franchisor goes bust or sells their rights?

Franchise Opinions

In this exclusive article for whichfranchise, franchise legal expert, Robert Toth shares why it isn’t the end of the world should your franchisor goes bust or sells their rights. To discover the reasons why… Read more


If you are looking to buy a franchise you might want to consider owning a franchise resale. As franchising in Australia matures, a growing number of Australian franchisees are looking to sell their business. There are many reasons for this including wishing to retire, looking to relocate, a change in personal circumstances or their exit plan was simply to sell their business after a certain number of years. There are advantages and disadvantages to owning a resale which we explore further in this section. Read more about franchise resales

Buying A Master Franchise In Australia

Are you looking to expand your investment portfolio? A master franchise may be the opportunity you are looking for. Master franchises are international opportunities that are successfully franchising outside of Australia and now looking to expand their operation into Australia. These opportunities are ideal for those looking for a challenge and wanting to make an impact in the Australian franchise industry.

Franchise Spotlight

How To Franchise Your Business

Not all businesses can be franchised. Firstly you need to be running a successful business before you can even consider it for franchising; franchising should not be used as a testing ground for new business ideas. In order for a business to be franchiseable it needs to have systems and procedures that can be replicated and skills that can be taught and transferred.

Exhibitions & Events Australia

Attending a franchise exhibition is a must for anyone serious about franchising. Franchise exhibitions are taking place throughout Australia in 2014; we have listed all key dates. As well as being able to access hundreds of franchise opportunities all under one roof, you are also able to speak face-to-face with franchisors you are interested in and find out more about franchising by attending free educational seminars.

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Buying A Franchise

Buying a franchise can be a huge financial commitment; with many using their life savings to finance the business. With that in mind, it is therefore imperative that you undertake as much research as possible into franchising. You need to initially be certain that it is the right route into business start-up for you and if so, research each opportunity thoroughly. Although franchising is described as a safer start-up investment, it does depend on the opportunities you are interested in and whether they are ethical and viable. In this section we take you through the decision-making process step-by-step.

Franchise FAQs

Franchising is a very complex area. Our Ask the Experts section allows you to post questions to a panel of experts covering all areas of franchising. We have selected some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers. Frequently asked questions Franchise FAQs

Franchise Awards

Each year the Franchise Council of Australia awards top performing franchisors and franchisees in their annual Excellence in Franchising awards. Selected by a judging panel consisting of leading Australian experts, these awards recognise the shakers and movers in the Australian franchise industry.

Franchise Council Of Australia

The Franchise Council of Australia represents Australia’s $131 franchise industry; franchisors, franchisees and franchise service suppliers. The FCA helps to establish and maintain best practice standards amongst franchise systems to help form a viable franchising sector. The FCA also serves to educate prospective franchisees on ethical franchising as well as lobbying and educating specialist groups with an interest in franchising such as state and federal governments and the broader business community.

Supplier Directory

Looking for advice on buying a franchise in Australia? Our supplier directory can help point you in the right direction Australian franchise suppliers

Buying A Franchise Resale In The Us

We can help! Unsure what franchise you are looking for? Talk to our team today.

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As well as being able to read about franchise opportunities and request information direct from the franchisor, you are also able to read stories about real-life people who are successfully running their own franchise business. These inspiring stories will help you to find out more about what it takes to become a successful franchisee and why these people decided to go down the franchise route. We also have interviews with some of Australia’s leading franchise companies and highlight the latest news from the franchise industry.

If you are an existing business owner and interested in exploring the option of franchising your business then we can help you to identify if your business is franchiseable and if so, the steps you need to take.

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