7 Vehicles That Would Make Fantastic Food Trucks

7 Vehicles That Would Make Fantastic Food Trucks In Australia

To keep things fresh, a lot of the humdrum box trucks that everyone seems to make into rolling Panini toasters on wheels, as well as vehicles that have already been pre-fibbed with industrial-grade kitchen counters, have been deleted from this cheat sheet. This pushed us to think outside the “box truck” and go in a new direction, and the result was a collection of seven incredible options that are sure to satisfy when it’s time to eat.

Ford Transit Full-Size Van

This van is great for hardcore cooks, with a cargo capacity of 487.3 cubic feet and plenty of space for barbecues, prep stations, and refrigerators. It also features an inside cargo height of 81.5 inches, allowing someone under 6-foot-4 to stand upright in the cargo area and cook comfortably.

Volkswagen Westfalia Bus

When it comes to purchasing a vehicle that can be converted into a culinary vehicle, not everyone has the financial means to go big. Once the screened top is lifted, it has a lot of space to prepare food or wash hands in the German-engineered bus’ built-in sink, and hidden storage compartments can be found all over the place on newer models. The attached awning allows people to cook outside.  It can be pulled beneath the top when it’s time to grill. This van would make a terrific mobile barbecue spot.

Ford F-450 Cutaway

These heavy-duty trucks come equipped with various kitchen requirements, including plenty of headroom and several pre-installed storage bins. It has a pair of massive rear doors, which are ideal for serving food during lunchtime.

Another outstanding feature of the Ford F-450 Cutaway is that it can be customized with backup batteries already installed, as well as an air conditioning system to keep the cargo space cool as the orders mount up. External locking lockers add value and conveniently store disposable cutlery, plates, and extra dry goods.

Freightliner Sprinter Crew Van

The Freightliner Sprinter has the potential to be an excellent food truck once equipped with rear AC and heat, an extra auxiliary battery, and a slew of interior upgrades. It may be a little pricey for someone to purchase it. It’s no surprise that this van made a list, with its long cargo hold, 76.4 inches of standing area, and large windows that bring in lots of natural light.

Alexander-Dennis Enviro400 Tourist Bus

This bus has 51 upper-deck seats and 29 lower-deck seats, with plenty of room for servers to maneuver down the aisle. You may cruise, drink, and choose the best meals in America while having a tour of a city. The lower deck of this machine comes standard with air conditioning, allowing chefs to stay calm even when the heat is on.

Nissan NV2500 Cargo

When it’s time to carry extras to a festival, this van has a full-width overhead storage compartment and eight exterior roof rack-mounting points. It also contains 120-volt electrical connections in the front and rear of the cabin, each capable of providing up to 400 watts of valuable electricity, and a massive center console with a locking storage box that can also serve as a safe.

Vespa Ape

This inner-city coffee machine is a major hit among the local community due to its hand-laid tabletop, integrated espresso machines, and pop-up parasol. With any luck, this concept will encourage others to find a few Vespa Apes in other locations and convert them into their own tiny culinary delight trikes, with a cooler-equipped rolling sushi bar being the first option that comes to mind.