Best Locations To Debut A New Food Truck

Best Locations To Debut A New Food Truck In Sydney

Are you looking to take your restaurant to a new level? Or perhaps you are wanting to make a break into the hospitality industry but don’t know where to start? In the ever growing landscape of food trucks Australia, Sydney stands out as a metropolitan oasis for setting up your food truck venture. No matter what culinary delight you’re whipping up, you are sure to find your right crowd amongst the diverse suburbs of Sydney. 

Setting up your very own food truck can be a successful extension of a pre-existing hospitality business, allowing you to reach a broader pool of customers. However, Sydney’s food truck landscape actually contains a good amount of purely food truck-based businesses as well as established restaurants looking to diversify. So no matter your niche within the hospitality sector, starting up a food truck is still guaranteed to be an enriching enterprising endeavour for you.

But once you’ve made sure you’ve developed your truck concept and fitout, and have all your gear, you might find yourself all gassed up with no place to go. If this is the situation you’ve found yourself in as a new food truck owner and operator, then don’t worry because we’re here to give you our top locations to debut a food truck in Sydney. Read on for our top location recommendations to debut your new food truck, as well as some handy tips on how to get the most out of your new rolling restaurant.  

Debut A New Food Truck In Sydney
Debut A New Food Truck In Sydney

Finding your goals 

As food trucks grow in popularity, there are many advantages to venturing into this trendy dining experience. Many cities hold festivals dedicated to food trucks or have a permanent location with a rotating roster of delicious diverse delights. Food trucks are also used at events such as outdoor concerts or carnival shows, where the convenience and excitement drives up customer engagement. 

When planning where you want to debut your food truck, it’s important to consider who you hope to reach. Whether you sell classic hot dogs or unique traditional cuisine, there is certain to be a hungry crowd eager to taste your food. Now all you’ve got to do is find them! 

Top Locations for Debuting a Food Truck

Sydney CBD

The Sydney central business district is an ideal location for capitalising on the lunchtime rush. With the convenience and simplicity offered with a food truck set up, dealing with this sudden influx of customers becomes a piece of cake. This debut location is ideal for food truck owners who wish to secure return customers, and entice a larger customer base. 

However, we would not recommend debuting in the CBD if your cuisine is unable to be prepared and distributed relatively quickly. You can expect a higher volume of customers if you set up shop in the middle of the city, and the last thing you want is for your truck to have a line of hungry and frustrated toe-tappers that stretches around a busy corner.

Surry Hills

Somewhat overlooked because of its neighbours, Surrey Hills is a vibrant young suburb with great opportunities for engagement through their street events. And with Central Station virtually next door, there is a high chance of foreign and local engagement. Which makes this an ideal location if you’re still trying to figure out your business goals and become more confident with operating your food truck. 

Bondi Beach

A classic location that should not be overlooked is naturally Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach. Setting up your food truck here will be sure to attract high foot traffic on weekends or holidays, making this high-profile spot a great starting point to assess the viability of your restaurant venture before you begin to expand further. 

The main downside to debuting in Bondi is you may not be able to capture return customers, instead capitalising off of the many tourists and holidaymakers that flock to the beach. But you also may be featured on an episode of Bondi Rescue so maybe it’s worth the risk!


Newtown is Sydney’s eclectic and artsy suburb, alive with vibrant street art and unique shopping experiences. Nestled among the restored Victorian era architecture, Newtown is a good location for food trucks that may be a little left of field. With a reputation for being an open minded and liberal suburb, you’ll be able to find a customer base with a taste for the quirky and unique. 

The Rocks

Probably my favourite entry on this list is the Rocks. Known for their iconic laneways and bustling tourism, the Rocks is a perfect location to debut your food truck. Whether you’re looking to pique the interest of locals or serve the many tourists who have just disembarked from a cruise, the Rocks will provide you with a unique customer base that is certain to get word about your food truck out there. But one of the best perks of the Rocks is the breathtaking views of Circular Quay, overlooking iconic sights such as the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

How to decide

And there you have it – our short list of recommendations on where to start up your food truck business. When it comes to running a food truck, remember the strengths of your dynamic set up. If you’re hoping to become a touring food truck, you may want to focus on building a social media following to sustain your engagement with customers. 

It’s also important to strengthen your relationship with event organisers. Securing a lot at the city’s biggest festivals and special events could provide the diverse working atmosphere you’re looking for.

Have we listed any locations that call out to you? Then be sure to check through our directory of other Sydney food trucks to determine if you’ll be sharing your location with other enterprising culinarians.


Lady Cooking In A Food Truck
Lady Cooking In A Food Truck