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Melbourne, Australia

Bathroom Werx franchise allows Ken to manage himself

An Australian Franchisee Case Study


Ken Tembo had been in the hospitality industry for the last 13 years, managing restaurants, bars and people!
Tired of the long hours and the fact that he was not in control of what he does each day, he began to look for something more.
Being a person who loves hands on work he soon came across a Bathroom Werx Franchise. He was attracted to it because their services save people money who are interested in renovating their bathroom.
He decided this was the franchise for him. So rather than managing the people in the hotels he now manages himself and offers his services to hotels!
Ken Tembo first came across Bathroom Werx about 8 years ago when he was renovating a federation style home.
He, of course, finished the renovation and has moved since, but found the brochure once again. He immediately thought “this is something I would love to do for myself.” Apprehensive about taking the step to buy a business, he did his research and found he can be in business for himself but not by himself!
Ken is now the proud owner of the Geelong Bathroom Werx Franchise with major plans for his future.
What attracted you to a Bathroom Werx Franchise?
“Well the premise of franchising is great. In business for yourself, but with a greater body of people. This works extremely well for me.”
How have you found the challenge of renovating bathrooms compared to what you used to do?
“I’m a different person to what I used to be. I’m a lot happier and a lot more satisfied. I know I have something tangible. When you’re working for someone else you’re never really recognised for what you put in.
Basically you’re just working. Now when I go to work everyday I learn something new, there’s a lot of job satisfaction and I have support from the training manager and team at head office. It’s just a phone call away.
I’m absolutely ecstatic with my decision to go into business for myself.”
What are the good things about being a partner in a Bathroom Werx Franchise System?
“First of all it is a proven system, 24 years old. As long as you follow the system you won’t have any worries. It works. Because of the open lines of communication between the head office and myself as a franchisee, we feed off each other. Also I appreciate that other franchisees with more experience are happy and always willing to offer solutions and help as well. The infrastructure is great!”
What are the negatives?
“I haven’t seen a negative. At the end of the day the system benefits all of us.”
What are your plans for the future?
“I would like to take on an apprentice in the next 12 months, train someone up to do the work and eventually would like two guys working mid Geelong to the Surf Coast and mid Geelong to the Bellarine Peninsula.
So yes to grow is definitely my goal.”

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