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Due to the complex nature of franchising, and the fact you may be using your life savings to buy your franchise business, it is essential that you seek assistance from a franchise lawyer when looking to buy a franchise. The biggest mistake anyone can make when buying a franchise is to not seek legal advice. When speaking to those who are having problems with their franchise, not using a franchise lawyer usually crops up in the conversation. Reasons for doing this include “they are too expensive”, “it was a franchise resale so I didn’t need to use one as the previous owner had”, or “it seemed straightforward”. We cannot stress enough how important it is that legal advice is always sought after. Yes it will be expensive but it will be even more expensive for you if your business fails! There are many lawyers who are members of the Franchise Council of Australia. These are lawyers who specialise in franchising and so know what they are looking for when going through the franchise agreement. There is no point using the same lawyer you used to buy your house, no matter how good you think they are, as they will not know what they are looking for. Making mistakes like this can be costly in the long run. In our franchise law section we will look at the legal advice you should seek if buying a franchise, the legal steps in the franchise process, why use a franchise lawyer and the franchise agreement.