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Melbourne, Australia

Floral trends blooming in Australian Coffee Market

Australian Franchise News – 29-09-16


Within the highly competitive coffee industry, the battle to invent the next ‘big trend’ to win over consumer palettes is fierce.

Coffee retailers and independents are constantly experimenting to extend the traditional latte experience by accentuating alternate flavour profiles and pour methods such as colourful rainbow coffees filling coffee lovers social media feeds this month.

Australia’s leading specialty coffee retailer, Gloria Jean’s Coffees, is no different, and have sprung into the season with the delicate pairing of the new ‘Macadamia & Rose’ beverage range.

Carefully crafted by a dedicated product innovations team and aligned with the latest trends from the global coffee market, Gloria Jean’s Coffees take on caffeine comforts sparked from selecting an identifiable flavour of the season that paired perfectly with coffee.

Drinks Innovations & Barista Trainer Melita Ferraro said that the unique beverage range offers an equal balance between flavours, keeping true to the caffeine fix sought by coffee lovers across Australia.

“Rose contrasts beautifully with the rich, bold notes of our espresso, and the bean’s nutty aroma is enhanced by the subtle infusion of macadamia adding the perfect finish,” she said.

“Pairing flavours is important; we taste test and experiment with hundreds of flavour profiles a week in the lead up to a drink launch to make sure that the selected combination is delivering the perfect cup of coffee every time,

“There’s plenty of food and beverage trends circulating the market, and we hope to entice caffeine lovers with a spin on the traditional coffee.”

The new range offers tastebuds the indulgence of nutty, macadamia goodness mixed with subtle floral tones of rose in a smooth latte, iced coffee or refreshing sparkling iced tea; a first for the iced tea range.

Be delighted by the new flavours of spring; now available for a limited time at all participating coffee houses across the country and complemented by the new ‘Caramel Rose Jello Tarts’ – a gooey caramel layer topped by rose jello and encased in buttery tartlets.

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