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Melbourne, Australia

From the pen to the Cafe2u franchise – Jonny finds his new art form

Australian Franchise News – 24-04-15


Jonny Liebenberg is no stranger to hard work and unusual hours, previously working in the fast paced world of PR, before making the transition to franchising.

“I used to live in Johannesburg, working in public relations in both the public and private sectors. I enjoyed penning media releases, speeches, newsletters and much more. Life there was not safe, so I moved to Australia with my family and continued working in PR, until I was retrenched.”

Being made redundant was not easy, and Jonny worked in a warehouse for two years. Described as something to ‘fill the time’ he thought about how he could turn his career around.

Jonny first learnt of Cafe2U when he saw a van serving coffee outside of an immunisation clinic his son was attending. After having this brief run in with Cafe2U, he decided to do some research on the company.

“I looked at what I was earning in the warehouse and realised I could earn more from franchising. I investigated the various options, before making the decision, which was ultimately made because of the reputation and the brand name. Cafe2U has offered me change – to own my own business and to provide for my family.”

“When I worked in PR I felt there was a real art to writing. However, whenever I drank a cup of coffee I felt like anyone could do it, and there was little skill involved. Working as a barista I have learned that perfecting a cup of coffee is also an art form, and I’m excited to work on my craft and perfect this. Cafe2U has been fantastic in their training and support. It’s not easy, but I feel well supported to take this exciting step forward.”

When comparing franchising to his previous professions, Jonny enjoys that there is less stress involved, as well as shorter hours. Less time working allows him to spend more time spending time with his wife, friends and kids as well as indulging in interests such as reading, and training for marathons (of which he has already run two).

“I never imagined I would end up a franchisee, but I couldn’t be happier that this is where I’ve ended up.”