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Melbourne, Australia

Interview with the Scope IT Education team


An Australian Franchisor Interview


ScopeIT is the innovative leader in the education sector focused on the delivery of course work that teaches coding and other technology based content. The primary target clients for our services are primary school students.

In this FAQ interview, find out more about this exceptional opportunity and if it is right for you:

I can’t code and I don’t know anything about electronics. Can I do this?

Yes. Yes. Yes. As long as you have an interest in learning this we can teach you the necessary skills.

It’s important to remember we are only teaching primary school children and just like if you were teaching reading or maths, it’s introductory only so we are pretty confident we can get you up to speed with our comprehensive mix of online and live face to face training.

Can a principal book Scope without approval from the Board of Education?

Absolutely! Principals are now given complete autonomy to book outside services such as ScopeIT as they see fit and with public and parents pressure are now looking for services such as ours!

What if the Board of Education makes IT part of the curriculum?

This was just reviewed in November and was at this stage, rejected. However we would welcome this as this just reinforces our belief that IT education is now imperative. We will be positioned with the experience but more so expertise developed over the preceding years with exemplary and comprehensive equipment, programs and curriculum.

What support will I get from head office in regards to marketing and sales?

You will be supplied with a start-up kit of sales brochures, presentations and other materials to cover your primary schools in your area. Ongoing, you will have open access to all marketing assets to use as you see fit. ScopeIT will pursue continual national and state based marketing efforts which can be seen from our most recent booking at the FutureTech expo where we have a stand and presence (at significant expense).

Can I teach classes / operate outside of school and schooling hours?

Absolutely! Simply put your classroom/location on the register and teach as many students as you can.

With weekend workshops and school holidays you could possibly add up to an extra $80,000 per year to your income!

Is this only for rich areas / private schools?

Definitely not, which is surprising. Due to the new way schools are funded many of the lower
Socioeconomic regions now have schools with significant funding to directly pay for the lessons.

What if I am not comfortable teaching?

This is not critical. We offer training in the art of teaching, however you will need to be comfortable working with children or alternatively consider the option of employing the many, many out of work school teachers as their lead scopers.

Other subjects are being developed. What do they include?

Subjects are constantly in Research and Development and we very much welcome input from our franchisees. At present subjects such as extended 3D printing classes, Virtual Reality and Rocketry are being investigated.

Why is your curriculum so important compared to others?

We have heard of no other operations aiming to be of such high quality and taking as much care and research into ensuring their classes are aligned with current state and national standards. This documentation is our invaluable asset against any competitors.

Do schools have time to fit in these lessons?

Yes. We only ask 40 minutes per week. No more, no less. Yes their days are very full but parents, teachers and the public are now seeing that this is as important as any other science subject. In fact, our research has shown that schools who have a teacher who is somewhat proficient in IT are already attempting to introduce this. We will be able to offer these schools a much more comprehensive range of courses with current content without them dedicating the resources they may not be able to spare.

What about the risk of the business not working?

Risk is calculated in the price. The equipment/capital expense is as cheap as possible and in nearly all cases the majority is retrievable. However, the franchise fee is extremely discounted from our expected prices of $100,000+. Early entrants are the ones with the most benefit possible.

Have a question not on this list?

Please ask us. We most likely have the answer and if not will ensure we develop a solution and response to you as soon as possible.

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