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Melbourne, Australia

Making her own success at RAMS franchise

An Australian Franchisee Case Study


Name: Maria McQuillan
Location: Melbourne
Franchise: RAMS Home Loans
Why I chose franchising
I grew up in a small business environment and consider small business owners to be courageous and dynamic people. I enjoy being in an environment where you make your own success. Both the franchising sector and the banking and finance industry are dynamic and always changing thus providing constant challenges in the workplace.
What I did before franchising with RAMS
I managed my parents’ hotel for 5 years before changing industries to banking and finance and eventually incorporating franchising. I have been involved in franchising since 2005.
The challenges I have faced
Time is my biggest challenge – there simply isn’t enough of it! Being in such a dynamic environment where the landscape continuously changes you need to be agile in your thinking and approach. Tomorrow is guaranteed to be different to yesterday and it is important to always be open to that fact.
My advice to someone thinking of buying their first franchise
Conduct as much research as possible! The more you know the better, the more people you speak with the more you know. Speak with people within and outside of the franchise system you are considering. Compare different franchise systems, ask lots of questions. Ensure the financials stack up and explore the culture of the franchise system you are considering.
My plans for the future
I learn so much by speaking with franchisees and franchisors from other systems as well as the RAMS system. My plan for the future is just to keep learning.
If I wasn’t in franchising, what would I like to be doing?
If I wasn’t in franchising I would like to be on 100 green rolling acres operating a hobby farm.

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