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Melbourne, Australia

Passionate about Pole Diva franchise

An Australian Franchisee Case Study


Davina Roper
Pole Divas
Why I chose franchising
Initially I did not think I would even own a business but once I started attending classes at Pole Divas I realised this was something I would love to do and was currently driving an hour and half to get to the studio and that’s when it occurred to me why not open one near me. I did not believe I quite had the skills to take the industry to its top of its game with out some support and help along the way and that’s when a franchise seemed such a simple and convenient option for me.
What I did before taking up a franchise
I was an aerobics instructor and was managing a local gym that my mum owned so had been brought up in family owned business and knew the struggles and benefits of owning your own small business.
How I raised the finance
My family supported me all the way being only 23 at the time I did not have much behind me so lucky for me my mum went guarantor so I could get the loan.
The training and support I receive from my franchisor
We are in contact on a regular basis thinking of ways we can improve our brand together. We like to think of ourselves as one big team. You always feel like you are a part of the big picture and not just off to the side. They are always there to give me advice if need be and to help improve my skills in the field of Pole Dancing and business management.
The challenges I have faced
For me it was to realise that your franchise is your business and you as the owner must do your part and not just think it should all be done for you. The franchisor is there to support and give you the base foundations but then you are the one that has to then make yours grow and work. It is sometimes easier to blame other people but once I started taking responsibility for my actions the business started growing and has become something I am really proud of that I feel like I have created with the added bonus of support behind me all the way.
My advice to someone thinking of buying his or her first franchise
Just be ready and don’t think by any means it is the easy option but always know there is someone to guide you and help you all the way. Make sure it is something you love and feel passionate about!
My plans for the future
EXPAND, GROW and become BIGGER!! No more to be said…

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