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Melbourne, Australia

Success with 7-eleven franchise

An Australian Franchisee Case Study


Muhammad and Shama Khan
Mt Driutt, Arndell Park, Blacktown
What was your background before joining 7-Eleven?
My background has predominately been in retail from working in my parents stores, to managing my own food store. I also ventured into sales and taxi management.
What makes your franchise successful?
My franchise is successful because 7- eleven is an internationally branded franchise, which has a proven and up to date system which can be easily followed. In addition to this we pay extra attention to ensuring we always have the right product available and try to give our customers exceptional service.
What words of advice would you give prospective franchisees?
That 7-Eleven is a long established and recognised franchise. By purchasing a 7-Eleven franchise that provides all the knowledge, guidance and experience, combined with all of your hard work and dedication helps to alleviate some of the risks of failure and improves your chances of becoming a successful business owner.
What are the rewards?
There are many rewards but the key ones are:
  • seeing your efforts rewarded through sale success
  • internal recognition, through certificates and awards
  • opportunity to become a jet club member
  • opportunity to become a super coach
  • opportunity to expand yourself through multi franchising