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Melbourne, Australia

Brumby’s bakes up Omega 3 Australian first

Australian Franchise News – 21-05-09


Brumby’s Bakeries has become the first retail bakery chain in Australia to launch a freshly-baked Omega 3 wholemeal loaf catering to health conscious consumers.
While some breads featuring Omega 3 are available on supermarket shelves, this will be the first time consumers can access preservative-free Omega 3 wholemeal loaves direct from a bakery which are baked fresh daily.
Research has found that Omega 3 can reduce the risk of heart disease, asthma, allergies, blood clotting, and helps maintain a low blood pressure.   In babies and children, Omega 3 can aid the development of brain, eye and heart functions.
Brumby’s Marketing Manager Michelle McBride said the bread was developed in response to consumers calling for healthy products which cater to their nutritional requirements.
“Apart from the essential vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and fibre in wholemeal bread, the Omega 3 wholemeal loaf offers an additional health benefit,” she said.
“No other retail bakery chain in Australia is yet to offer this kind of preservative-free loaf containing Omega 3 baked fresh daily.
“In addition, we’ve found a growing appreciation for wholemeal by health-conscious consumers, with wholemeal now our second best selling loaf.”
From 11 May to 21 June, customers who buy the new Omega 3 wholemeal loaf will receive another Brumby’s bread product for half the price.
Brumby’s operates more than 300 stores across Australia, employing over 3,300 staff and serving more than 700,000 Australians a week.    Brumby’s is owned and managed by ASX listed Retail Food Group Limited (RFG), a leading Australian retail food brand manager and franchisor.

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