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Melbourne, Australia

Franchise Finance

Verifying franchisor projections

By Tim Kilham, Lanyon Partners Before you commit to buying a franchise, the franchisor must give you a disclosure document. The disclosure document may or may not contain earnings information for potential franchisees. The franchisor may choose not to provide earnings information, in which case the disclosure document must specifically…
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How much does a franchise cost?

By Tim Kilham, Head of Franchising, McLean Delmo Hall Chadwick How long is a piece of string! The prices that are paid for franchise businesses vary considerably. Set out below are some of the issues to take into account when looking to buy a franchise. In broad terms, a rule…
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Franchise restraint clauses

When a franchisee enters into a Franchise Agreement there are general restraints prohibiting franchisees from competing with the franchise business during the term and for a period after expiration of the term. Restraint of Trade clauses are generally considered by courts to be anti-competitive and therefore unenforceable however they are…
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International franchising – legal advice

by Robert Toth, Wisewoulds Lawyers Franchising has developed in Australia through well known international brands. Foreign Franchisors are looking to Australia and New Zealand as potential markets to expand their brand. A number of foreign Franchisors have now successfully entered the Australian market via a variety of business arrangements, such as; …
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Franchise finance in Australia

When looking to buy a franchise you need to establish how much money you can afford to invest into a franchise business. You need to look at savings you have, money you can borrow from family and friends, and also what you can get from a bank. You need to…
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