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Melbourne, Australia

Feels like family with Domino’s franchise

An Australian Franchisee Case Study


Dave Burness, 38
Multi-Unit Franchisee
Domino’s Gympie, Noosa & Maroochydore
Working for Domino’s is the only job I have ever had. I started at Domino’s as a Shift Manager while I was at University studying Journalism. After I graduated I realised a career working at Domino’s was the challenge I sought and accepted a job as a Store Manager.
I first considered buying a franchise after seeing a presentation from a US franchisee. He profiled his business, the success his stores had experienced and it really excited me. He owned and operated nine stores in Dallas, Texas and was making $1million a year while living this great lifestyle. In my eyes, he was living the dream with a great lifestyle vs. income balance and from then on I knew a career as a franchisee was the job for me.
I decided upon a Domino’s franchise because I knew the business back to front. If you are going to succeed in anything you need to understand the in’s and out’s of a business and after four years at Domino’s, I knew how to run a pizza store! Food is a great business to be in. My grandfather always told no matter what state the economy is in, people always need to eat. That being the case, it’s my responsibility to make sure I am customer’s preferred food option which I can do by providing great product, service and image, so at the end of the day, my destiny is in my own hands.
With a lot of hard work and dedication I achieved a 300% sales growth from my first store. I then purchased a second store and also achieved 300% sales growth at that store. The stores were so successful I opened another store within each of their territories, growing my store count to four in total, before purchasing another two stores in different regions. In 2006, I decided I wanted a change and sold the stores back to the company, commencing work in Domino’s Head office. After a year in Head Office, I missed working in store and returned to franchising purchasing three stores on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.
There is a lot more security in a franchised business than going it alone. Domino’s supports me with a strong marketing program which is easy to plan and run off. They also develop new products for marketing campaigns, negotiate with suppliers to provide food at a good price and invest in I.T. development such as internet ordering. Domino’s supports me 100% of the way, allowing me more time for work/life balance which is important when you have a family.
Domino’s in itself is like a family. The thing I enjoy most about being a franchisee is seeing people grow and develop within my business. Of the people who have worked for me, several now have their own franchise, or have gone on to be Regional Managers or senior managers in various departments within the head office team. It makes me proud to have been a part of my employees’ career development, giving them that step up in life which Domino’s gave to me.

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