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Melbourne, Australia

Interview with Brendan Lyne, Eagle Boys, Bentley Park

An Australian Franchisee Case Study


How long have you been a franchisee with Eagle Boys, and why did you decide to join the network?
I became a franchisee with Eagle Boys in July 2012 and decided to join the network for a number of reasons including the company being Australian owned, the franchise entry costs are reasonable, customers love our product, Eagle Boys is iconic with excellent brand recognition and there are fantastic growth opportunities.

What has been a highlight since joining?
The highlight for me has been working with, leading and inspiring my younger work force to get a great start in life. The flow-on effect from the success of my team members is the success of my store.

What are your store’s strengths?
My store has a fantastic highway position and is a 205 square metre stand-alone building in a small complex with my own drive-thru facility.

How many team members do you have at Bentley Park and how do you engage them to help your store succeed?
I currently have 13 team members and I encourage my team members to take on traineeships as a means of creating a greater connection and engagement with the store. We have positively embedded a good team culture where up-selling and cross-selling is encouraged and achieved, and we HAVE FUN DOING IT!!

What are your main focuses for the next 12 months?
We are focusing on our speed of production, quality, and product diversification through greater offerings to maximise the product mix purchased by customers.

Who has been the most interesting customer you or one of your team members has served?
Halloween nights are always interesting with creatures of many different forms appearing throughout the night.

How has Eagle Boys helped you achieve your business goals?
The local culture of the franchise and flexibility to adapt and respond to our market quickly has been a great advantage

What are the most important things to remember when running a business?
Love what you do and be passionate about your business.

Tell me about your team members, are there any family members involved, or are they all local?
My team members are all local and range from 14 years old to 20 years old. They all have their own individual interests and involvement in the local community, but most importantly they respect each other and come to work as one team, with a positive attitude. Without my awesome team members the business would not be a success.

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