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Melbourne, Australia

Making the transition to be a Sportsco franchise owner

An Australian Franchisee Case Study


Carly Mackay Franchise Development Manager for Sportsco asks franchisee Alex Quetglas from Caroline Springs what attracted him to take on a Sportsco franchise.

1. How did you hear out about Sportsco?

“I researched franchise opportunities through the internet and magazines and other advertised franchise opportunities. Ultimately I specifically searched and sought out Sportsco because of my personal interests.”

2. What attracted you to the Sportsco?

“I looked into a Sportsco franchise because I saw it as an exciting opportunity of owning my own business and starting a new career in something I was passionate about. I wanted to be involved, not just any franchise for the sake of owning a business. I wanted to be part of something established and well respected that I could relate to. Sportsco’s close relationships with all the major brands and a long successful history in the industry means all the processes and procedures are in place. Combined with great support and advice the hard work of setting up and opening a business has been done and a lot of the guesswork has been taken out.”

3. Has owning a Sportsco franchise met your expectations?

“…the business has been what I expected, I like the products, I like the environment and I enjoy the sense of achievement.”

4. How have you found the level of support now that you are in the franchise network?

“The level of support has been excellent, in the context of when I have a question or a problem there is always someone who can answer or help quite promptly. Sportsco’s product knowledge and understanding of sports retail is excellent, and the support I’ve had in making good informed decision, backed by great product and industry knowledge has been one of the keys to successfully starting my own business.”

5. How did you find the transition from your previous position in the automotive industry to become a franchisee?

“The transition from my previous career in the auto industry to owning my own Sportsco franchise has been a huge but very rewarding challenge that frankly I don’t think I could have done by going out on my own. Sportsco’s help in setting up the store and the product range was vital to be able to hit the ground running. In some respects I thought it would be more difficult, surprisingly I found the customer side of the business easy and rewarding, and I guess the motivation and desire to succeed overcomes the long hours. The “back office” work and the paperwork has probably been the biggest hurdle – but I do hope this aspect improves given I am learning more every day.”

6. What has been the most rewarding aspect of being a Sportsco franchisee?

“Making customers happy and being part of a team has been rewarding…The sense of achievement, and knowing that this is my business means the motivation is high and every little success story along the way is a great feeling.”

7. What have been some of the benefits of being part of a Sportsco Franchise? What do you think of Sportsco exclusive trademark 3iD foot analysis system as a business tool?

“Sportsco has some great marketing strategies in place and a strong focus on promoting the Sportsco brand and image, with a progressive and refreshing attitude towards customer service being a key point of difference. The commitment to customer service has meant incorporating the latest video foot analysis technology for sports footwear and a meticulously designed store concept and design layout, has ensured being able to maximize my stores’ potential.”

8. What advice would you give other people who are looking at taking on a Sportsco franchise?

“Ask lots of questions, I know I did, and still do. Listen and take advice, these guys want you to succeed and they do know what they’re talking about. The bookkeeping and accounting side of the business is critical. Understand your budgets and spending, be conservative in expectations. Have a plan set realistic goals, achieve those and set higher ones. Be prepared to work hard, be motivated to succeed, it’s your business, sure the support is there, but the success of the business will ultimately be determined by you. Sure, this is my own business and I’m working hard to successfully grow my business, but importantly for me, I feel like I’m part of a very dynamic team, who are also working hard behind the scenes and it’s good to know that I’m not in this on my own.”

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