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Melbourne, Australia

Mr Rental franchise ‘grows’ Eco credentials with Tree Initiative

Australian Franchise News – 26-04-11


Home appliance rental franchise Mr Rental will offset the paper requirement for one million catalogues by planting 100 trees as part of its commitment to a new environmental initiative 10 Thousand Trees.
Mr Rental CEO Glen Hickman said the trees would replace 25 per cent of the paper used in one year.
“Each year we run four campaigns using one million brochures for each and these trees will offset one whole campaign,” he said.
“We always explore ways to improve our company and are pleased to be taking a step to reduce our impact on the environment in some way.”
Mr Rental contributes to 10 Thousand Trees who plant the trees that will be managed to maturity, harvested and sold as environmentally friendly paper, and then profits from that sale will be reinvested back into more trees. Projections estimate that the programs approach will double the number of trees in the ground every 12 years. The 100 trees planted this year will see 200 trees replanted in 12 years and 400 in 24 years and so forth. This approach will enable Mr Rental to neutralise this year’s four campaigns within 24 years and then start a growth of a positive legacy.
10 Thousand Trees Project Director Ian Krawitz said the idea behind the initiative was to simplify the ways to contribute to a more environmentally sustainable future.
“Customers know brochures and catalogues come from trees, so it’s easier for them to understand the very tangible action of planting trees in an effort to be more sustainable. This initiative has started Mr Rental down the path of a more ecologically sound interaction with their customers, which is fantastic.” he said.
“By planting 100 trees Mr Rental will be creating a legacy for our grandchildren of an estimated 101,048 trees in 120 years time.”

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